Broken – A Sappy Love Poem

They say each person has a story, and while that does hold true

No story could be better than the one that led me to you

The one where I was lonely, the one where my days were grey

The one where I nearly gave up, and wasted all my days


I’m not sure how you found me, in the wreckage of my life

But despite the rubble I was covered in, you said you saw a light

I thought that light had vanished, for so long it was so dull

Yet you blew away the ashes, an act that seemed so small


I looked around ashamed of all the baggage that I carried

Still I wanted to remain there, everything new seemed too scary

So instead of pulling me out from the darkness in which I was confide

You stuck around and told me instead you’d bring some light inside


Reluctant I still let you, what more damage could be done?

So you made yourself feel at home, and then let in some sun

At first I felt so blinded by the beauty of its rays

But then my eyes shot open, and I saw the mess I had made


Who could love a mess like this? I wondered to myself

I have skeletons in my closet, and broken pieces on the shelves

The outside seems so beautiful, but you got a look inside

At the disasters that have clung onto me, and forced me to hide


And outside you are beautiful, just like you are to the core

You peeked inside my windows, but didn’t know what was in store

My sorrow is laid out for you to see, my past laid wide open

Who could love someone like me? A girl that is so broken


I understand if you want to leave, I said as I opened the door

Instead you starte picking up the mess I had all over the floor

“The thing with broken pieces, is that they can always be restored

Let me help you clean this up, you won’t be broken anymore.”


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