30 Day Writing Challenge: Day Eight

Day Eight: What Are 5 Passions You Have?

And yet again, my deepest apologies for being EXTREMELY late on this post.  I was completely engulfed in the book “Gone Girl” because I had seen a preview for it on TV since they recently turned it into a movie, and I’ve always been the type of person where if the movie has a book, I prefer to read the book before I think about seeing the movie.  And let me tell you, the book did NOT disappoint.  Her writing was absolutely perfect.  It kept me intrigued, and could easily be followed along.  I can’t stand reading a book and then having to keep rereading what I just read because the way the author worded it just didn’t make sense to me.  It took me a while to get into the storyline, but once I was… HOLYYYY SHIT– I was HOOKED.  If a book leaves me upset at the end because it’s over, you know I loved it.  I seriously suggest that anyone read this book, especially if you’re into a big mind-fuck of a story.  ANYWAY… my 5 passions.

Passion One: I am extremely, wholeheartedly passionate about kindness.  Is it possible to even be passionate about that?  I guess what I mean is I am very against bullying.  So much so, that the mere thought of it brings me to tears.  I can not stand seeing people be belittled, especially for things that are completely out of their control.  Now, I know, I’m not little Miss Sunshine.  I have my rough patches.  I have made fun of people before.  But never IN MY LIFE have I ever harassed a person, picked on a person, made another person feel small, simply so I could feel better about myself.  I find it absolutely pathetic that people will find any excuse to talk down on another person as if they are some dirty little peasant, not worthy of their breath or time.  Exuding kindness is not a sign of weakness, it just shows you’re a decent fucking human being.  I get sick to my stomach that people will harass a person to the point that the person being bullied will kill themselves.  They literally think the words that this person or these people are saying to them are true.  How can you go to sleep at night knowing that you made someone feel so small, so pathetic, so WORTHLESS to the point where they’d kill themselves?  So here are some tips, and I promise you it will only bring you some happiness in your life, ultimately making your life as a whole, better: Smile at strangers, say hello to that person every one else shuns, offer to help someone who obviously needs it.  If someone has less than you, stop the need inside of you to point it out.  Look in the mirror, and ask yourself, “Do I like myself?  What could someone point out about me that could tear me down?”  And then, if you can STILL go out and crush another person’s soul, I suggest you seek some god damn counseling.

Passion Two: Simply put: animals.  Oh my sweet, baby, Jesus, if I could completely describe to you how in love with animals I am, you’d probably think I was insane.  I get the world’s biggest, corniest smile when I see almost any kind of animal (now, a shark, I think smiling would be the furthest expression displayed on my face).  I absolutely adore squirrels, rabbits, dogs, cats, elephants, giraffes, tigers, lions, penguins, monkeys, ferrets… you name it.  Big, small, huge, tiny, I love animals to the core of me.  The thought of people abusing their helpless, loving, happy, little animal makes me sick to my stomach.  How could a person contain so much cruelty in their bones?  I just don’t get it.  Animals bring me joy, they bring me happiness, they bring me peace and acceptance.  I will sit on my computer, watching video after video of people helping animals, whether it be rescuing them or helping them get unstuck from something they accidentally got caught in, and my cheeks will be stained with tears, yet I will keep watching more.  I love how grateful they are.  I love how just by showing them kindness and love and compassion, they give you nothing but the same back.  Animals are forgiving, they don’t judge people.  I just love them so much.

Passion Three: I would love to put writing here, but honestly I think my passion is more so words.  I love hearing people speak, or seeing what they are able to write down on paper (or computer).  I love reading words that mean something.  I love stringing together words that mean something, just as well.

Passion Four: I LOVE… LOVE.  As simple as that.  I am not afraid of it, or hide from it.  I look love right in the face and say, “Bring it on.”  I know the consequences of loving someone, or something.  I know that nothing in this life is permanent and that making myself vulnerable, especially to people, can really end up fucking me over in the end.  This doesn’t have to be just with romantic lovers, this could be with anyone.  You don’t have to love your family (I know… crazy, right?).  But it’s true, you really don’t have to.  I know there are some shitty people out there who have done shitty things to their family members, and if any of that would happen to me, you’re damn right I wouldn’t express love to them.  Opening yourself up to love is scary, it’s exciting, and it’s unpredictable.  But try and tell me it’s not the best damn feeling out there, and you’re lying.  Love can heal a thousand years of pain.  Love can open up your eyes to see light again.  The power of love is so extremely underrated.

Passion Five: I guess the best thing to end it with is that I am passionate about family.  Like I said above, there are some shitty families out there, and quite honestly (and you know this if you have read my other writings), I don’t have the world’s most perfect family either.  And that’s okay.  Time and love heals all wounds of your soul and my wounds are slowly, but surely healing.  Family is so extremely important to me.  I can’t imagine living my life not being close to my siblings, or my aunts and cousins, my parents, or my nieces and nephews.  I know that everyone has their own things going on in their life and sometimes it makes it hard to keep a strong connection with your family and friends.  But you can keep connected regardless if you see each other once a week, or once a year.  Keeping your family close to you is so extremely important, and one thing I have learned in my 23 years of life thus far is that family can mean MORE than blood.  Friends become family over time, and friends that become family to you are no lesser if you don’t share a blood line.


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